There are various methods of training which can be great for fat loss and the one that is best for you is really going to be determined by your body type, current fitness level and fat loss goals.

Research shows that fat loss can be successfully achieved through the following methods:

  • LISS Cardo (low intensity steady state) – Typically 30 minutes or more
  • HIIT Training / Interval Training – 10-20 minutes per session
  • Body Part Split Training – Different body parts on different days, 45-60 minutes per session
  • Full Body Split Workouts – High volume split workouts
  • Metabolic Training – High intensity circuit training, CrossFit, modified strongman, barbell complexes, peripheral heart action training

All the above can work when supported by a varied and well-balanced calorie deficit diet.

Although each of these methods can prove different results when considering time efficiency as I’ve illustrated below.

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