A common case for foot pain during these exercises is pushing through the toes. Doing so can cause soreness as it engages the plantar flexor muscles that attach to the bones on the arches of the feet.

Another common cause is foot pronation (flat feet). If your foot arches are naturally low (or non-existent in some cases) these exercises can put additional stress on your bones, ligaments fascia and plantar flexor muscles.

My top tips for overcoming these problems are:

  1. Push through your heels on the way up
  2. Train your calf muscles as well as the front and back of the thigh in isolation; this will help to make sure that the surrounding muscles and tendons are strong
  3. Roll a hard ball under your foot arches and stretch your calves daily
  4. Place a wedge under your heel; this will reduce the range of movement through your ankles and can help to reduce pain as well as improving squat form
  5. Get professional recommendations on supportive innersoles for your footwear

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